World Space Forum Action Report

Collecting actions to enhance global space activities in a sustainable manner.

The World Space Forum Action Report presents a new annual platform for the space community to exchange examples across all the exciting activities that have been going on as we work, together, to bring the benefits of space to everyone, everywhere.

Updates - Nomination of Points of Contact

As the initiator of the World Space Forum Action Report, the Office for Outer Space Affairs is currently collecting nominations for Points of Contact.
The Points of Contact will serve as the go-to individuals for sustained communication between the Office and the target entity and facilitate the aggregation of contributions from the respective stakeholders on actions they would like to illustrate and share with the community via the proposed World Space Forum Action Report.

The current round of nomination runs until 30 June.

Please use the following link to submit Points of Contact nominations.

For additional information, please contact the UNOOSA World Space Forum Organizing Team.
E-Mail: worldspaceforum[@]

Target stakeholders

As we embark on the Decade of Action to deliver global goals, an interplay of all relevant stakeholders is necessary for this endeavour's success. Space is no longer a field exclusive to governments and big corporations but an increasingly diverse and plentiful industry. This growing democratization of space translates into a virtually endless list of benefits and at the UN we want to hear from everyone on their experiences, actions and lessons learned so that the future of space exploration and utilization can be more prosperous and sustainable than ever before.

  • Governments
  • International governmental organizations
  • United Nations entities
  • National and international space agencies
  • Commercial stakeholders
  • Academia
  • Civil society


Since 2015, a breakthrough year in which the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2013-2030 were adopted, much action has taken place to meet the common goals. However, the progress is not yet advancing at the speed or scale required. The year 2020 kicked off the decade of ambitious action to deliver the Goals by 2030.

Looking towards the future, there is no alternative for using space assets in many areas of human activities. It is in the best interest of all stakeholders to ensure that these valuable tools are universally accessible across the globe as without satellites and space-related ground stations achieving the internationally agreed frameworks would be considerably more difficult.

The World Space Forum series offers a holistic platform contributing to these efforts. Through the series, UNOOSA convenes space stakeholders to explore activities, opportunities and synergies to ensure that the benefits of space are brought to everyone, everywhere. By facilitating the exchange of actionable solutions and promoting more inter-agency collaboration in support of the SDGs, space exploration, science and technology can finally become more universally used as one of the key tools for a better future.

Against this background, the second edition of the World Space Forum held in 2020 was organized under the theme 'Space for our Future'. In this edition, UNOOSA launched a proposal for the World Space Forum Action Report, a central UN publication of actions the international space community has taken under five specific domains: (1) Partnership: Space for Everyone, Everywhere (2) People: Space for Humanity (3) Planet: Space for our Planet (4) Prosperity: Space for Economy (5) Peace: Sustainable Future in Space.

Voluntary submission of activities under this Action Report will offer means for accounting for actions on an annual basis, informing and steering discussions in future forums. This unique approach will accelerate peer-to-peer exchange, bridge user needs with provider solutions, initiate cross-sectoral partnerships, and facilitate global action for space safety, security and sustainability. The Report is envisioned to serve as a networking and cooperation tool to advance cooperation and generate new ideas.

Annually, stakeholders will be offered the opportunity to present their actions submitted to the Action Report at the World Space Forum. The conferences will also represent apt occasions to consult other actors in the space sector and find synergies through matchmaking exercises.


  • Promote Space solutions for the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris climate agreement and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • Facilitate global action for space safety, security and sustainability.
  • Initiate partnership action to jointly develop solutions to overcome the growing "space divide".
  • Accelerate peer-to-peer exchange across the global space community on the benefits of space in our global joint challenges.


Release of the Action Report

The launch of the Action Report will become an annual activity taking place at the respective World Space Forum conferences.
The inaugural report will be published through an electronic booklet and presented in December 2021 at the World Space Forum in Vienna, Austria. 

UNOOSA will also maintain an online index of submitted activities of space stakeholders with free and easy access to everyone. This open approach will help bridge the gap between users and providers beyond the space community and facilitate awareness-raising on the power of space activities. The online index will be updated regularly. 

For additional information, please contact the UNOOSA World Space Forum Organizing Team.
E-Mail: worldspaceforum[@]

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