Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana - SICA


Team photo of SICA

" We are honoured and excited to receive the support from JAXA and UNOOSA in this historic endeavour. The Central American region will face important challenges during the upcoming decades under the effects of climate change that will require the development of space capacities. Morazan Project will contribute to this goal and will demonstrate the value of international cooperation.Carlos Enrique Alvarado, Morazan Project Coordinator



Mission e-patches awarded to SICA

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SICA, the Central American Integration System has been selected as the awardee. SICA's CubeSat "Morazan-Sat" is currently under development, seeks to be a proof of concept for the development of a UHF/VHF communication platform. It will prove the capability of monitoring weather variables on-site using UHF/VHF radio packets, and once the mission is finished, with the help of radio amateurs, the capabilities for UHF/VHF emergency communications using Automatic Package Reporting System (APRS) will be tested.

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