Legal Subcommittee: 2016

Fifty-fifth session (4 to 15 April 2016)

IISL/ECSL Symposium on "40 years of entry into force of the Registration Convention - Today's practical issues"

Title/Presenter Presentation
Legal and practical considerations of registering mega-constellations and space debris
Alexander Soucek, European Space Agency
Powerpoint Presentation
Glances on currently debated issues: registration of hosted payloads, in-orbit transfer of ownership and the future of notification and pre-launch notifications
Elina Morozova, Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications
Powerpoint Presentation
Registration of Space Objects with the Secretary-General
Simonetta Di Pippo, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Powerpoint Presentation
Registration and Space Situational Awareness
Olavo di Olivera Bittencourt Neto, Catholic University of Santos, Brazil
Powerpoint Presentation
Lessons from other regimes (telecommunications, aviation, maritime)
Stephan Hobe, Germany, University of Cologne/Peter Stubbe, Germany, DLR
Powerpoint Presentation
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