Working Group: Reference Frames, Timing and Applications

Working Group Meeting, 9 - 10 November 2016, Sochi, Russian Federation

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Note: The views expressed in the presentations and papers below are those of the authors and do not reflect the policies or views of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs. The presentations and papers are provided solely for informational purposes.

9 and 10 November 2016
Description of ITRF2014 - Zuheir ALTAMIMI, IERS ITRF Product Centre
The WGS84 Terrestrial Reference Frame in 2016 - Stephen MALYS, Robert WONG, Scott A. TRUE, NGA, United States
Galileo Terrestrial Reference Frame (GTRF): Status - Werner ENDERLE (on behalf of the GGSP Consortium)
ISO/TC211: Geodetic Reference Frame and Coordinate System Standards - Larry HOTHEM, United States
Results of the PZ-90.11 reference frame implementation to GLONASS - V. PASYNKOV, Russian Federation
Accuracy Assessment of PZ-90.11, Reference Frame Based on Orbital Processing of GLONASS Ephemeries V.V. MITRIKAS, S.N. KARUTIN, I.V. GUSEV, Russian Federation
How GNSS CORS in Japan Works for Geodetic Control and Disaster Mitigations - Hiromichi TSUJI, Japan
WG-D Task Force on Timing References, Review of "Time recommendations" - G. PETIT, BIPM
Task Force on Timing References: Report on Actions since ICG-10 - G. PETIT and F. ARIAS, BIPM
EGNOS Timing Performances as Evaluated by SPMS - Jerome DELPORTE, France
Introduction to the BDT TemplateZhiwu CAI, Haibo YUAN, China
The Report of GNSS Time Deifference Monitoring - Haibo YUAN, Jihai ZHANG, Wei GUANG, China
 GLONASS Time: Current Status and Monitoring Results - D.S. AGANOV, P.P. BOGDANOV, A. V. DRUZHIN, T.V. PRIMAKINA, Russian Federation
National Time Scale UTC(SU): Current Status and Perspectives - A. GONCHAROV, I. SILVESTROV, O. DENISENKO, Russian Federation
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