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The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are pleased to announce the sixth round of the United Nations/Japan Cooperation Programme on CubeSat Deployment from the International Space Station (ISS) Japanese Experiment Module (Kibo) "KiboCUBE".

Background: KiboCUBE

Sixth Round: How to Apply


Reference Materials


How to build a great Application Form
Click here for the video
- Introduction of KiboCUBE by UNOOSA  ( pdf and video 1:58-10:02 )
- Introduction of ISS/Kibo/J-SSOD by JAXA ( pdf and video 11:05-20:07 )
- Detailed explanation of Announcement of Opportunity and Application Form ( video 20:47- )

KiboCUBE Academy: Technical insights for a better Application

<< CLICK HERE for details (agenda and bio of lecturers) >>
14 January 2021   Click here for the video
     - Introduction of KiboCUBE Academy by Yasuko Shibano, JAXA
     ( pdf and video 12:16-19:54 )   
     - CubeSats Change the World by Toshinori Kuwahara, Tohoku Univ.
     ( pdf and video 20:38-54:24 )
     - Introduction to CubeSat Technologies by Toshinori Kuwahara, Tohoku Univ.
     ( pdf and video 1:04:49-1:56:47 )  
21 January 2021  Click  here for the video
     - Overview of Satellite Development Process by Shinichi Nakasuka, Tokyo Univ.
     ( pdf and video 6:48-51:13 )
     - How to Make Your Satellite Survive in Space by Shinichi Nakasuka, Tokyo Univ. 
     ( pdf and video 1:02:10-1:39:43 )
28 January 2021 Click  here for the video
     - Introduction to Satellite Testing by Mengu Cho, Kyushu Institute of Technology
     ( pdf and video 4:25-49:16 )
     - CubeSats fro Capacity Building by Mengu Cho, Kyushu Institute of Technology  
     ( pdf and video 1:00:57-1:43:11 )
4 February 2021  Click here for the video
     - Satellite Operation and Related Regulations by Toshinori Kuwahara, Tohoku Univ.
     ( pdf and video 5:02-1:05:07 )
     - Q and A


The fully completed application documents comprising of a CubeSat Mission Application as well as a letter of endorsement from the head of the applying entity, should be sent by email to by  31 MAY 2021 at 23:59 CET. In the email, applying entities are requested to attach scanned copies of the letter of endorsement and the cover page of CubeSat Mission Application as pdf-file (.pdf) and the entire document of CubeSat Mission Application in pdf (WORD generated). Please note that the UNOOSA email account only accepts emails with a size limit of up to 10 MB.

After receipt, UNOOSA and JAXA will proceed to evaluate each application. At UNOOSA's or JAXA's sole discretion, additional information may be requested from applicants, if necessary, to assist in the evaluation of the application. Selected applicants will then be notified with the results of the selection process. All awards are final, are made at the sole discretion of UNOOSA and JAXA, and not subject to challenge or review.

Contact Information

For further information regarding KiboCUBE, please contact through UNOOSA contact page;

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