France/Japan Seminar on "Cross-cutting perspectives in space law"

7th April 2016

On the occasion of the 55th session of the Legal Sub-Committee of COPUOS, a seminar entitled "Cross-cutting perspectives in space law" was jointly organized on 7 April 2016 by JAXA and CNES together with the universities of Keio and IDEST/Paris-Sud, with the support of the ministries of foreign affairs of Japan and France.

Opened by Mr. Kazuaki Kawabata, Vice President of JAXA and by Mr. Jacques Raharinaivo, Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the UN in Vienna and chargé d'affaires, this seminar benefited from the presence of UNOOSA Director Mrs. Simonetta Di Pippo along with nine distinguished panelists representing space agencies (JAXA, CNES, NASA, UKSA UAESA), leading academic institutions in the field of space law (Gakushuin Uiversity, Université Paris Sud IDEST) and foreign ministries. Professor Philippe Achileas, of IDEST Paris-Sud University, acted as moderator. 

The seminar was divided into three segments respectively dedicated to (1) international mechanisms for cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space, (2) presentation of national space laws and (3) emerging legal issues associated with "New Space". 

In the first segment, Mr. Julien Mariez (CNES) introduced the case study of France's cooperation with ESA on the Guiana Space Center as a topical example of space cooperation, while Mr. Kazushi Kobata (JAXA) derived a set of lessons learned from the past international mechanisms for cooperation of JAXA. 

In the second segment, presentations of the main features and characteristics of the national regulatory frameworks were made by Mr. Philippe Clerc (CNES) for France, Ms Yuri Kobata (Japan MFA) for Japan, Ms. Louis Hughes (UKSA) for the United Kingdom and Mr. Naser Al-Rashedi (UAESA) for the United Arab Emirates. 

In the third segment, Professors Philippe Achileas (IDEST) and Souichirou Kozuka (Gakushuin) gave an overview of legal challenges associated with the development of New Space, followed by a presentation by Ms. Robin Frank (NASA) of NASA's policy towards facilitating commercial spaceflight, and a presentation by Ms. Simonetta Di Pippo of UNOOSA's role in bridging the aviation and space communities. 

Following and Q&A session with the audience, the seminar was concluded by Dr. Setsuko Aoki, Chair of the Working Group on the Review of International Mechanisms for Cooperation in the Peaceful Exploration and Use of Outer Space.

Title/Presenter Presentation

(1) The contribution and expectation to the Working Group on the Review of International Mechanisms for Cooperation in the Peaceful Exploration and Use of Outer Space

France and Cooperation in Space "A Case Study: Cooperation With ESA on the Guiana Space Center" 
Mr. Julien Mariez, Head of Corporate Legal Department, CNES
Powerpoint Presentation
Examples of lessons learned from the past international mechanisms for cooperation of JAXA
Mr. Kazushi Kobata, Deputy Manager, Legal and Compliance Division, JAXA
Powerpoint Presentation

(2) The introduction of national space law

French Space Operation Act: Lessons Learned from its Implementation 
Mr. Philippe Clerc, Head of Legal Affairs, CNES 
Powerpoint Presentation
Current status of Japan's development of legal frameworks
Ms. Yuri Kobata, official, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan
Powerpoint Presentation
UK's Outer Space Act - 30 Years On
Ms. Louise Hughes, Outer Space Act Licensing Manager, UK Space Agency
Powerpoint Presentation
National Space Law of the United Arab Emirates
Mr. Naser Al Rashedi, Director of Space Policy and Regulations, UAE Space Agency
Powerpoint Presentation

(3) "NewSpace" and legal issues

New Space Legal Issues
Mr. Philippe Achilleas, Professor, Director of IDEST (Paris-Sud University)
Powerpoint Presentation
"New Space" and (new) challenges of space law
Mr. Souichirou Kozuka, Professor of Law, Gakushuin University 
Powerpoint Presentation
NASA'S "New Space" Facilitation of Commercial Spaceflight
Ms. Robin Frank, Associate General Counsel, NASA
Powerpoint Presentation
Bridging the aviation and the space communities: the role of UNOOSA
Ms. Simonetta Di Pippo, Director, UNOOSA
Powerpoint Presentation
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